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161230-hdmc-2016-sticker-web2-copySad to report that Mick Bancroft, Horsforth Club life member and President in 1976 passed away on 8th February. Mick had not been well recently suffering with mobility and respiration problems.
Mick was mainly a road racer having competed at International level and he was son of the famous Bill, many will remember his local bike shop.
He leaves his wife Carol, daughter Kay and son Steve, brother Dave and nephew Chris.
Our thoughts and condolences go out to them.
Funeral is Tuesday 28th at 3.40 at Rawdon crematorium.

You can renew (or get your first) Club membership at our next trial but make sure you have your ACU registration card with you when you sign on because it will be checked. Good news is if you don’t get your ACU card in time we will have the new for 2017 ACU single day registration facility available for just £3.  Good idea to arrive a bit earlier as it takes longer to take entries and deal with memberships etc on the first couple of trials. For 2017 you can join/rejoin the club at the same time as getting your ACU membership online on their website – they will pass your details and membership fee onto us.

Great news; Clubman routes and new start area for the Basic Memorial Yorkshire Centre trial at Blubberhouses on 12th March, plus Bee’s Kitchen will be there  – regs now available here

Do you know about the threat to all off road motorsport?
You can read about it and do something about it here

The Horsforth Event dates for 2017 are all in the ‘Events’ tab in detail and a printable list is here
The 2017 World Trial Events & details are here
The 2017 Yorkshire Centre Trials are here (If we have been sent the Regs by the hosting club scroll down the page to ‘Recent Posts’ and click on ‘Yorks & W Yorks regs’ to get them).
The RT Keedwell British Rounds are here
The 2017 ACU handbook can be found here
(you’ll find kids age ranges etc for 2017 3 pages in on the Trials Standing Regulations)
The points positions will be updated throughout the year after each trial and are here

Where are our Trials? Just about everything you need to know about a trial (including the results afterwards) can be found by clicking on that specific event including a map of the location. There’s a bit more info on the locations (and maybe even the nearest postcode) in ‘Locations’ which is revealed when you mouse over the ‘Info’ tab.

RESULTS:- we always try to get the results up on the relevant ‘Event‘ page on here and also on 
www.facebook.com/horsforthtrials as soon as they are available (usually on the night of the trial unless something prevents it) so remember to have a look there – or if you are on facebook, ‘like’ our page and the results will come to you!
We also like to support TrialsCentral so the events and results can usually be found on there too but there can be a delay whilst the results post is approved.
Quickest way for recent events is to click on the result line on the right here (or below if you are reading this on a phone) in Recent Events. For historical results just go the the relevant ‘Event’.

All our day time trials start at 11.

Just a reminder of our Club Trial changes (that go back to the start of 2016) here and the Flags to follow here

2017 Events in ‘Events’ tab, printer friendly list in ‘Info, Forms’.

2017 costs held; Membership £10 adults, £5 Under 16 (includes access to Swaine Woods).
Club Series trials, £15 adults, £10 under 16; Other trials should be the same unless specified differently on the Regs.

Remember, if you ‘like’ our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/horsforthtrials) you’ll get a notification reminding you of our next trial in the week before and also when the results are posted.Update; seems that, coincident with now receiving lots of unsolicited (paid for!) notifications, no longer is everyone receiving all FB/Horsforth posts on their FB page. Can only suggest that more frequent ‘liking’ might help improve the latter problem; I guess we are stuck with the former.
If anyone can throw any light on this please let us know.

2017 Membership forms can be downloaded from the ‘Forms’ tab.
Once you have renewed Club Membership, Barrie Fairburn has the list of magic numbers (ACU Affiliation Codes) for 2017 ACU Registration – reach him on 0113 258 7569 or you can join via the ACU website without a magic number.

Youth bikes
Please note that ALL YOUTH PETROL and ELECTRIC BIKES must have a cut off lanyard fitted and used.
Contact Trials UK on 01132 81 82 42 for the correct lanyard (electric are different from the petrol versions). Try Here for electric

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