Horsforth 1st 2018 SGME Club Series

All being well we’ll have Martin taking the entries and Graham W sorting 2018 membership, ACU affiliation etc to reduce the likelihood of queues. If you have already joined the Horsforth Club for 2018 but not got your membership card, Graham will have it available to collect.

Usual format, 3 route main course plus 3 route kids conducted course
TRS22A stop Allowed rules
Chuck Wagon
11am start
Remember you will need your 2018 ACU registration and Horsforth Club Membership renewing for this trial – much easier to do it in advance from the comfort of your laptop rather than filling soggy forms in at the end of a long queue! See home page for info & link.
Please bring an observer if you can – worth the price of an entry and come in plenty of time as there might be a queue at signing on with this being the first event of the year.

Entry Form


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