Horsforth 4th SGME Club Series


Rams gill Results 09 06 19

Couple of quick apologies; first for the delay in getting the results on the website (they found their way onto Facebook Sunday night) – couldn’t update the website without my laptop and I was on hol and second for the slightly high scores – the terrain is a bit tricky at Ramsgill (see the warning below!)

Ramsgill entry form

If you are local to Horsforth, allow plenty of time to reach this venue – it’s worth the trip out.

Usual 3 route adult course (very easy, easy, harder), Stop Allowed rules,
NB these are predominently stream sections and the rocks may be slippy so the event may take more points than usual.
No kids conducted course at this event.

Usual 11am starting procedure, there will be a riders’ briefing immediately before the start; please attend and listen and don’t start bikes until the briefing has ended. All riders (and Parents/Guardians of under 18’s) need to sign the Signing On Sheet at or before the riders’ briefing.

As always, please try and bring an observer

Sheep country – keep dogs on a lead and clean up after them


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