2017 Award Winners

SGME CHAMPIONSHIP HARD Steven Fowler Best Performance Knox Sawmills Trophy + Award
Tom Green 1st Novice The Castrol Trophy + Award
Tom Hain 2nd Novice An Award
Nige Pearson 1st O50 An Award
Rob Hardisty 2nd O50 An Award
No Winner 1st A Class
No Winner 1st B Class
No Winner 1st C Class
SGME CHAMPIONSHIP CLUBMAN A Chris Maggs 1st Novice Mrs D Marshall Trophy + Award
Jeffery Bennett 2nd Novice An Award
Micheal Cox 3rd Novice An Award
Ian Brogden 1st Over 50 V Stanley Walker Trophy + Award
Mick Kettlewell 2nd Over 50 An Award
Simon Green 3rd Over 50 An Award
Mick Bayley Finisher Over 50 An Award
David Brogden Finisher Over 50 An Award
Andy Carter Finisher Over 50 An Award
Rus Brodie Finisher Over 50 An Award
Graham Sanderson Finisher Over 50 An Award
No Winner 1st A Class
Harry McLoughlin 1st B Class JCT 600 Tray + Replica
Bradley Green 1st C Class An award
Mike Frizell 1st Over 50 Bath Chair + Award
No Winner 1st A class
No Winner 1st B class
No Winner 1st C class
TRIALS UK SW CHAMPIONSHIP Jonnie Fannaon 1st Red Route An Award
Alfie Carney 1st Yellow Route An Award
Harrison Lightfoot 2nd Yellow Route An Award
Harry Smithies 3rd Yellow Route An Award
Callum Edmundson 1st White Route An Award
Charley Wilson Jennings 2nd White Route An Award
BASIC MEMORIAL TRIAL (C. C.) Danny Gamble Best Performance Basic Memorial Trial Watson Cairns Trophy + Cash
Sam Yeadon 1st Expert Basic Memorial Trial W.H. Marsden Trophy + Cash
Thomas Housecroft 1st Intermediate Basic Memorial Trial H.Thompson Trophy + Cash
Tom Middleton 1st Novice Basic Memorial Trial C.Rogers Trophy + Cash
Joe Faunthorpe 1st A Class Basic Memorial Trial Mini Cup + An Award
Richard Mellon 1st Clubman A Basic Memorial Trial Cash
Charlie Smith 1st B Class Basic Memorial Trial An Award
Phillip Hamond 1st Clubman B Basic Memorial Trial Cash
Richard Mellon Best Performance By HDMC Rider Jubilee Trophy + Award
R HOARE MEMORIAL TRIAL Keiran Child Best Performance on the hard course Rebbecca HoareTrophy + Cash
Andy Cripps 1st Expert Cash
Louis Haley 1st Intermediate Cash
Chris Hunt 1st Novice Cash
Charlie Smith 1st A Class An award
Andrew Jackson Best Performance on the Clubmans course The Ackroyd trophy + Cash
Ian Haigh 1st O45 on Clubman’s Course Cash
Andy Brooksbank 1st Novice on Clubman’s Course Cash
Alice Minta 1st B Class on Clubman’s Course An Award
Mick Kettlewell Best Performance Easy Course Cash
Chris Maggs 1st Novice on Easy Course Cash
Keith Normington 1st O50 on Easy Course Cash
Bradley Green 1st C Class Easy Course Presidents Trial An Award
G MILNES TROPHY TRIAL (W.Y.C.) Ben Hemingway Best Performance Championship Course George Milnes Trophy + cash
Dan Hemingway 1st Expert on Championship course Cash
Louis Haley 1st Inter on Championship course Cash
Sam Jennings 1st Novice on championship course Cash
Charlie Smith 1st A Class on Championship course An Award
James Noble Best Performance on A course Cash
Keiran Skehan Best Performance B Class An Award
Phillip Hammond Best Performance on B course Cash
Henry Stephenson Best Performance C Class An Award
BOB OWEN Keiran Child Best Performance on A course Bob Owen
Jack Dolan Best Perf’ormance on B course Matt Shelly Trophy
Mick Kettlewell Best Perf’ormance on C course Harry Wright Sheild
Steve Gossop Best Performance on a Pre 65 Machine Maurice English Sheild
CLUB AWARDS Howard Gulley HDMC Rider with the Most Group Points Emms Shield + Replica
Keiran Child HDMC Novice Rider with the Most Group Points Walsh Trophy + Replica
Howard Gulley HDMC rider who has best represented the club Jack Brett Trophy + Replica
No Winner Best Performance in Ilkley Grand National by HDMC rider U1 Trophy + Replica
Evie Edmundson Most Improved HDMC Rider Fred Pickles Trophy + Replica
Graham Smith Observers Award R.Garnett Rose bowl + Replica
Graham Wilson Person(s) who have done the most for the club Merit Cup + Tankard
Richard Horgan HDMC rider who has tried but failed to win another award Nil desperandum + Replica
Tom Green Retiring president Tankard