An unfortunate accident

A message from the Horsforth Club Committee, courtesy of President Russ.

It was brought to our attention that in a recent trial arranged by another club, a rider collided with a pedestrian between sections and the outcome wasn’t pretty.

This unfortunate accident inclines us to remind our club members of measures we should all employ to avoid a similar occurrence at our trials

All riders (and parents of small wheel riders and youths ensure their children) ride with due care and attention between sections and in parking areas. Speed in the car park areas must be kept to a minimum and no wheelies or skids please.

Any adult experiencing a rider not doing so are responsible enough to have a word with the rider but if not able or inclined to do so, should report this to an official. This may result in a sanction, such as exclusion, for the rider.

After completing the trial (and where it is not specifically banned) it is not unknown for riders to use the opportunity to practice, (the old folk just want to go home for a bath). Please do so safely away from public areas, with due courtesy to the landowners (eg don’t tear up sheep pastures) and also understand that the ACU third party insurance may not cover an accident when doing so.

  1. Trial riding is a fun sport and it is not our intention to spoil the fun by being heavy handed with over many rules. However the fun stops in a big way when an accident happens. It is our aim to continue to make this sport an enjoyable experience for all involved, but a little common sense applied by all riders will hopefully keep us all safe.