Barrie Fairburn

Barrie Fairburn has been the Horsforth Club Secretary for upwards of 30 years and has decided that now’s the time to take a step back from those duties.

In a changing world it’s nice to have some constants in life and one of those, up to now, has been the presence of Barrie and his cream Land Rover at every single one* of our trials, certainly for as long as I can remember, taking the entries and all the other things involved in the job, which usually means getting there before anyone else and not leaving until everyone has gone. Getting the keys to unlock and re-lock gates where necessary, putting direction signs on the approach and on many occasions towing cars vans (and Discoverys!) out from axle deep mud.

This of course was often in all types of inclement weather where a rider might peek out through his bedroom curtains, look at the conditions and decide it was a good day for a lie in! He also looked after all the background work to deal with memberships, talk to landowners and arrange trial dates for the forthcoming year.

If it sounds like all this is more than enough for one person you’d be right; it’s going to take about 6 of us to do the jobs Barrie took in his stride so forgive us if we drop the ball from time to time.

It’s rare to experience such dedication over such a long period in what is at the end of the day a voluntary role.

The Directors & Committee members would like to offer a vote of thanks to Barrie for his great contribution and long commitment to the Club and hope we can also speak for all Club members, past and present in doing so.


* Ok he missed one trial but only through hospitalisation so we can let him off that one!