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Blog for Horsforth Club’s very own superstar Keiran Reace Child.

First report for 2018
As usual, February saw K collecting an armful of silverware at the annual prize giving.
Now in the Expert class, Keiran had  good result at the Y&G club trial on 25th March, (where the hard sections are pretty challenging for a club trial) being pipped to the win only by ex world round competitor Ben Hemingway.
K also featured in Colin Appleyard’s excellent fun video here

So just a quick reminder that in 2017 Keiran, though still eligible to ride in the Youth ‘A’ class, elected to ‘ride up’ in the British Championship Experts Class on his Appleyard Beta 300. Despite taking a while to get used to the big Beta, enduring some disappointing results in the early rounds, Keiran improved throughout the year finally finishing 9th. The final 2 rounds in Edinborough showed just how much progress Keiran had made; A creditable 6th on Sundays soggy round on the 1st October rather overshadowed by a superb 3rd the previous day where Keiran shared the podium with James Fry & James Stones, ahead of legend Dan Thorpe.

Great stuff!
2017 British Expert final standings here

Autumn wins for Keiran.
A great ride in the annual Horsforth Bob Owen Charity Trial at Parkwood was the first of two wins on consecutive weekends for Keiran. The infamous Addingham Moorside venue hosted the Y&G DT Smith trial on the following Sunday, 19th November 2017. The hard course there attracted a whole host of top class riders and Keiran needed to be on top of his game to take the win. Have a look at the results to spot some famous names trailing in his wake here

The Yorkshire Centre Team Trial was run by Spen Valley at Parkwood on Sunday 3rd September 2017. Keiran claimed an excellent 2nd place beaten only by Ben Hemingway who parted with just a single dab for the win. Seems like only yesterday that Ben was doing the world rounds! results here

Bank Holiday Monday’s Y&G Supertrial was a fantastic day out featuring 12 of the county’s best riders plus Adam Raga as a guest rider. The qualification round consisted of 2 laps of 10 sections on the dry Addingham Moorside rocks to reduce the 13 down to 10 semi finalists. Keiran didn’t make the cut but he was in good company, Billy Bolt and Hugo Jervis missed out too. K tried hard to master the difficult sections but it wasn’t the big stuff that phased him, rather the tricky technical sections. Andy Greig took some brilliant pics of the trial which can be seen on his TrialsCentral site here – check out pic 46, Keiran making the ‘leap of faith’ look easy!

A good ride for Keiran at the YG Kath Cockshott trial on 20th August 2017, being beaten on points by only Liam Walker but having to content himself with 3rd overall as he had the same 14 points as Sam Yeadon who pinched the 2nd slot on countback. Still a fantastic result though as K picked up 20 points for the best novice beating a whole bunch of more experienced Inters and Experts on the day. Keiran is much more at home on the Appleyard Beta 300 now and almost managed to keep a 5 off his card, quite a feat under No Stop rules and only Liam managed to avoid that on 5 singles.

One of Keiran’s first tasks for 2017 was carting off his haul of 2016 trophies at the annual West Leeds & Horsforth Prize Presentation.

The second task was working out what to ride for 2017 and that proved a bit trickier. Plan A was to ride not just the Trial 125 British Nationals but the Trial 125 World rounds as well. However changes to the way World rounds were to be run caused some head scratching. In 2017 there are only six 125 rounds, mainly due to most events being single day trials. 4 seemed do-able, Spain, Andorra and nearby Lourdes on consecutive weekends and the UK round at Tong, but a double header round in Japan seemed a stretch too far. Missing out on 2 of only 6 counting days would not make for a successful campaign. After some deliberation Keiran decided that, since his days on a 125 would be limited anyway, he may as well go for a bigger bike and ride up a category and not worry about doing the World rounds. So the tiddler was chopped in for an Appleyard Beta 300 to ride in Centre Trials and Nationals. The ‘big’ 300 took a bit of getting used to but after a couple of disappointing scores the results started to come.
At the 4th round of the British Nationals at Scarborough, Keiran came home in a very creditable 6thplace on the Experts course (although still of Youth age and classed as a Novice as he is ‘riding up’ a class). That 6th was actually very encouraging because saving 2 or 3 dabs would have seen him on the rostrum. The following day Keiran rode in the invitation only Supertrial also at Scarborough. 12th out of 14 may not sound like anything to write home about except that the 11 guys who beat him are the cream of British Trials Riders. Perhaps most telling is that Keiran came home ahead of the excellent young Billy Green, currently running a very close second in the World Trial125 Championship and someone who Keiran has struggled to beat in the past.
Continuing his successful run, Keiran finished a good third in the West Leeds Stan Pitts Trophy Centre Trial on June 11th behind Experts Richard Sadler and the evergreen Martin Crosswaite. Seems like he’s got the hang of the big Beta now!

First trial of 2017 at Parkwood was a bit of a muddy affair so the route severity reflected that by being relatively steady; nonetheless a great ride by Keiran who, along with Inter Louis Haley, managed to stay feet up all day to secure clean rides.

Fittingly, Keiran won our final Club Series round of the year up at Deep Cliff on 11th December. What should have been a clean score was sullied by a slack 5 on the final tour of section 1 which just goes to show, no matter how good you are, if you take liberties with the flags our eagle-eyed observers will spot it (especially Carina!).

A good result for Keiran in Horsforth’s annual Bob Owen Charity Trial on 12th November.
The win was taken by the very accomplished Expert Sam Yeadon on just 20 marks dropped with Keiran only 6 marks behind. 3rd placed Inter Thomas Housecroft amassed more than twice the points on 54 and there were a number of other Inters and Experts trailing behind. Finding grip was always going to be the key to a good ride at the wet Parkwood venue and Keiran’s mastery of the slippery conditions on the 125 Appleyard Beta bodes well for his aspirations in 2017.

After the final rounds in Ayrshire in early October Keiran cemented his 2nd place in the series with a win in the final round – well done son! Here’s the link to Trials Central’s round up TC and here’s the link to Colin Appleyard’s post, Keiran’s employer and supporter Appy’s

ACU Certificate

ACU Certificate


After Sunday’s British round at Addingham Moorside Keiran was lucky enough to get an entry into the Yeadon and Guiseley Supertrial on Bank Holiday Monday against the country’s top riders. There were some big hairy sections there and Keiran knew he wouldn’t trouble the leaderboard but showed his bravery by giving every section his best shot on the Appleyard 125 Beta and impressed many of the knowledgable spectators with some good rides up the scary rocks (& logs). Rather than being too disappointed with the marks lost Keiran recognised it was a great opportunity to experience these tougher sections in the company of Britain’s best riders.

Keiran at the Supertrial

Keiran at the Supertrial

125 podium Guisborough National

125 podium Guisborough National

Guisborough club ran a single day National trial at Mountain Ash Farm in the middle of the North Yorkshire Moors on Sunday, 28th August, the rain predictably making the tricky sections even muddier. Once again 125 World Champion Jack Peace was dominant in the Youth A category and took the win with 3 very consistant and low scoring laps of 12,11 and 13 totalling just 36 marks lost. Josh Hanlon held second place after lap 2 with a loss of 59 with Keiran 3rd on 65. On lap 3 Josh recorded the same score as his 2nd lap, a 31, but Keiran really got his head down with the best lap of the day (not including Jack’s super scores) of 24 which pinched the second step for him by just a single mark. Well done K for yet another second, consolidating that position in the Championship.
In the main event, Dibs was pipped to the win by Jack Sheppard with Toby Martin 3rd.

Keiran runner up at Hookwoods

Keiran runner up at Hookwoods


British Championship Rounds 6 and 7, 30-31/7/16.
Keiran and minder Ricky Mellon made the long drive down to Surrey for Saturday’s venue at Hook Woods. Once again World number one 125 rider Jack Peace took a convincing win but Keiran wasn’t too far behind to claim second spot on the podium. Sunday’s venue was half an hour down the road at Butser Limeworks and Jack and Keiran once again filled the top two spots. Having never been beaten in this years Youth A Championship, Jack has a full house score of 140, with Keiran holding a good second place on 111 from 3rd placed Josh Hanlon on 95.

Some pics here

Update on the 125 World Championship Rounds at Tong………… Keiran had a fantastic first day on the Saturday missing out on the podium by just 3 marks amongst the best 125 riders in the world. On Sunday Keiran was miffed at making a couple of errors that cost 10 marks but got his confidence back to tackle the tricky conditions and end up only six points off the podium but that was enough of a gap to realise only 6th place. Good enough for his supporters but a disappointment for K who has high aspirations and knew he could have done better. All the more hungry for a better result next time!

Keiran Collecting his new BetaOriginal post – Local Youth ‘A’ Class rider Keiran Child is stepping up a gear this weekend as he takes on the best in the world at the 2 day World Trials Championship at the nearby Parkwood, Tong venue this weekend. The 15 year old Horsforth Club rider is already holding a strong second place in the British 125 Trial Championship and is looking forward to the challenge ahead. Keiran collected his new Appleyard Beta 125 from Kevin Feeny at Colin Appleyard Keighley and is hoping for lots of support from local spectators over the weekend.