Club Trial Changes for 2016 (& beyond)

Horsforth Club Series  – changes to route severity and flag marking for 2016
(and remain into 2019).

The Background
Many riders will be aware that trials entry levels have dropped, not just for our club but for many of those in the area and further afield.

Over recent years, as well as a general reduction in rider numbers, the trend (at Horsforth) has been an increasing number of newcomers but for whatever reason, a declining number of expert/intermediate riders.

We introduced Beginners trials some years ago and since then we have gradually increased the number of these compared to traditional Club Championship trials, simply because they have proved popular.

There had been a couple of Horsforth Club Championship trials  where there had been no hard course riders at all.

So we have agreed some changes for our  Club Trials

All Club Championship and Novice & Beginners trials will be merged into one series, the Horsforth Club Series. There will be 10 rounds with awards, available for those competing in 6 or more rounds, sponsored by Simon Green Motors.

The severity will be as per the Novice and Beginner Trials run up to and including 2015

(At most rounds there will also be the usual 3 route kids conducted course with awards sponsored by TrialsUK).

So on the main course, the Easiest (Green flags) route will be very steady, suitable for Beginners and, say, our senior riders, maybe on older bikes.

The Middle route will still be steady, suitable for riders who are no longer beginners but who are not yet ready for the most challenging sections; also suitable for skilled senior riders and better pre-65 riders. The flags to follow are the well established Blue/Red with Yellow/White deviation gates.

The Hard route, following Blue & Red flags, will still be suitable for better Novice Clubmen; they won’t feature any massive steps or really tricky stuff. All turns can be ridden without hopping

So if that sounds like we have nothing to offer Experts and Inters; not so.

Firstly, we have our traditional Group or Trophy trials, eg. the Basic Yorkshire Centre trial in March and the West Yorkshire trial in May, the Presidents trial at the end of May and the Bob Owen Charity trial in November.

We also believe that the hard route on the  Club Series, whist not providing huge steps to tackle should, nonetheless, provide an interesting ride, the challenge for riders above Novice level being to keep that sheet totally clean.

If we should ever find ourselves inundated with Expert riders at any of the Club Series Trials we always have the option of adding some additional deviation gates to increase the severity just for those guys, who will ride on a non-competitive basis.

We have also reverted to the traditional method of only using the Yellow/White flags for middle route deviations from the Blue/Red route. (In 2014/15 we planted ALL the Yellow/Whites in an attempt to make it clear exactly where the middle route goes, but this has lead to too many flags causing confusion).


Horsforth Club Series – What’s the benefit?

A better balance of riders on each of the 3 Routes;

Consistency; Riders will ride the same route at each trial rather than swapping between routes from trial to trial.

Smaller step up to the top route to encourage progression.

More opportunities for Easy Green course riders to ride in the year.

Fewer flags, less confusion.


If you feel strongly that this is not the way to go – LET US KNOW.