3rd Horsforth Simon Green Club Series Trial


160327 Ramsgill Results v2 pdf

Loads of pics from Ramsgill courtesy of Jack Knoops on
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Haley Storm

Despite the grim weather forecast and the loss of an hours sleep on Easter Sunday over 50 riders made the long drive up alongside picturesque Gouthwaite reservoir on what turned out to be a pleasant spring morning.
Endeavouring to ease the tricky nature of this once-a-year stream-in-a-valley venue the sections were run downstream for the first time.
Just as clear lines were emerging over the mossy rocks the riders (and observers) were treated to a monumental hail storm. After a lap, the skies cleared but the deluge didn’t do much to improve the grip either in the sections or between them.
Not that the conditions fazed novice Louis Haley who beat experts Dan Hemingway and Joe Jennings to the hard course win be dropping just four singles.
Chris Beecroft was the clear winner on the middle course gently breaking in the Honda’s comfy seat in readiness for the SSDT.
Easing the section severity successfully inclined many entrants to ‘ride up a course’ leaving just 9 riders on the easy course. Despite the course plotters efforts to find a simple route through the valley for them the terrain proved a bit too severe, particularly for the young small wheel riders, but Steve Ellis battled through to win on 25 with no 5’s on his card.
Despite the weather we had observers on all 10 sections and even a couple of ‘reserves’.
As always, a big thanks to all observers – hope your clothes are now dry and wellies clean.

Next round at Greenhow on 10th April.

3 Routes, Very easy, easy and harder but still Novice friendly, TRS22A Stop Allowed.

This is a great piece of land which we only visit once a year and being predominantly in a rocky stream it’s as close as we get to SSDT type sections. The course plotters will try hard to ensure the section severity levels are in keeping with the rest of the Horsforth Club Series but the nature of the venue always takes points (If it’s been raining getting between sections can be, er, fun) so maybe not as suited to beginners as other venues. If you think that applies to you, why not come and and observe on this one then have Sunday lunch at a local pub.
Start time 11am.
No kids conducted course here.
Riders, please bring an observer if you can – it’s worth the price of an entry.
ACU Permit No. 46722
Entry Form


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