Horsforth 2nd Simon Green Club Series 2017


Greenhow results revised

5th March, A gremlin found it’s way into last Sunday’s results. Thanks to Martin for retrieving all the cards and recompiling the results. Apologies to all affected. The Points Spreadsheet will of course use the corrected results. (Just for info, the error was caused by riders missing a section – this should normally attract 4×10 points but 5’s have been allocated).

First of all apologies for the late change of venue. We only found out that the original venue had been double booked at about 5.30 pm on Friday. The good news is within 40 minutes we had permission to use the alternative Greenhow venue and had the info on our website, TrialsCentral and facebook. Not sure how many people turned up at Parkwood but at least one family made the dash up to Greenhow! Secondly, the ground conditions up there were pretty bad as we all know. In fact the worst we have experienced there meaning there were parking issues. There were grip issues in the sections too. Believe it or not all the main course sections were ridden when they were marked and all had grip at the time. Not a lot, but they were cleanable. As we all know that state of affairs didn’t remain but we managed to ease a couple off so they were at least passable. Thanks to all the riders who made the best of the tricky conditions with good humour. At least we had a trial, tricky as it was, the only other option was cancellation. Thanks also to the observers (and course markers and conducted course helpers) who tried their best to stay upright. Thanks also to the 4 Horsforth committee members who gave up their ride to observe. The club would really appreciate it if riders could make the effort to bring an observer – it’s worth the price of an entry (£15) so that’s not a bad incentive.


Usual 3 route course, very easy, easy and clubman, TRS22A stop allowed rules, plus 3 route kids conducted course, start 11am. Sorry no Chuck wagon at this venue.
Please bring an observer, it’s worth the price of an entry
You can renew (or get your first) Club membership at the trial but make sure you have your ACU registration card with you when you sign on because it will be checked. Good news is if you don’t get your ACU card in time, all being well we should have the new for 2017 ACU single day registration facility available for just £3. Good idea to arrive a bit earlier as it takes longer to take entries and deal with memberships etc on the first couple of trials.
Entry form for this event here


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