Horsforth Basic Memorial Yorkshire Centre Championship Trial


160313 Basic Results

Just a single, quite challenging, all off road route on this annual event which is eligible for Centre Championship Points so the observing rules are TRS22B No-Stop. Regs and Entry form are below although there is no pre-entry requirement, turn up on the day and enter at no additional cost. Format is the usual (for this event!) 7 section leg out, 2 laps of 11 sections over the moors and the final 7 sections (in revised format) on the way back. So that’s 25 different sections to play with.
Riders, it is very important that you stick to the marked route over the moors and you will need a clearly marked can of fuel which will be taken to the refuelling point.
This is a good opportunity for riders who find this event a bit too difficult to bring your bikes and observe a section – 18 are required.
Chuck wagon will be in attendance.
Start time 11am.
Following the recent closure of the A59 due to landslip, it is now re-opened so access should be as normal for the trial.
Basic Regs & Entry Form


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