Horsforth Basic Yorkshire Centre Trial


Basic results 15 03 20 version 2 at 20 03 20 final

NB, Results have been revised since original provisional results

Some videos of the event courtesy of Andrew Greenbank here

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Our annual trial for Yorkshire Centre points at the customary Blubberhouses venue.
For the last few years we have tried to make good use of the old quarry works site but it has ended up waterlogged on a few occasions so this year it is back to using the old tarmac track to park on. However it should be far more convenient this time as it will be ONE WAY so drive in through the gate at the top end, park up on the grass either side of the track then continue in the same direction to exit through the bottom gate back onto the A59.
There will be a briefing for all riders just before the 11am start – please attend as there are specific issues to be aware of on this trial.
There will be 2 long laps of 18 sections each so we need 18 observers. Although these days there are 2 routes and a 50/50, being a Yorkshire Centre trial it is NO-STOP and is our toughest trial of the year so it’s a great opportunity for riders who would find it too tough, to bring their bikes and have a good ride out over the moors and observe for a couple of laps. If you can help ring Nige at TrialsUK on 0113 281 8242
Bikes will need refuelling after lap  1.
Sheep and birds present, please keep all dogs on a lead and clean up after them and do not leave litter anywhere
There will be a chuck wagon – please indulge so the owners will want to return again

NB, as the paddock arrangements have changed, there will be NO junior conducted trial at this event

Regs and Entry Form here


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