Horsforth Bob Owen Memorial Trial


Bob Owen Results

A total of £1217.50 was raised for the ACU Ben Fund and MIND Charities – thanks to all who contributed.
Event review; A good turnout for our annual Bob Owen charity trial and after looking like it was going to be a soggy day the weather turned out very pleasant indeed. Not quite so good was the struggle to man all the sections with observers; a big thank you to all those who did observe and sad that one section had to remain unmanned in the end.
Apologies for the Chuck Wagon being closed; one of the benefits of a trip to Parkwood is the presence of the Chuck Wagon but there was a bit of an oversight on this occasion.

Our annual charity event run as usual on the Saturday before Remembrance Sunday.
This is an Open event, i.e. registered riders of all classes from any ACU/SACU club can enter.
Regs and Entry Form are below although no pre-entry is required and there is no additional charge for entries on the day but it might be more convenient to print an entry form out and complete it in advance.
The main course consists of 3 routes run to TRS22A Stop Allowed rules and the severity will be a little higher than Club Series trials, so not as suitable for beginners and some regular riders might opt to drop down a level, but not as hard as a centre trial.
There will also be a separate TrialsUK kids conducted course, 3 routes.
Chuck Wagon present.
As this is a Charity trial, this is the one occasion when observers do their bit for the cause for free, but don’t let that put you off – we can’t run trials without observers so please try to bring one along if you can (we need 14). We’ve kept the entry fee down at £15 (£10 for youths and no extra for on-the-day entries) so everyone can afford to chuck a few quid in the Charity bucket.
Note that although the entry form lists the routes as Hard, Clubman A and Clubman B, the Clubman A route is not 50/50; the flags to follow are our usual ones-
Hard: Blue/Red
Clubman A: Blue/Red plus Yellow/White deviations
Clubman B: Green/Green (ignore all others except start/end gates).
Regs and Entry form



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