Horsforth G Milnes Trophy Trial (WYC)


G Milnes WYC Results 20 5 18

This event is part of the West Yorkshire Championship so WYC points can be earned.
Because of that, rules are TRS22B No-Stop.
2 Routes and 3 courses; Championship, Clubman A (50/50) and Clubman B.
Severity will be the same as other Yorkshire Clubs’ WYC events which is harder our other trials (certainly harder than our Club Series trials).
There will be a separate 3 route kids conducted trial
Lots of observers required; as this is likely to prove too difficult for our less able novice riders it is a good opportunity to give a little back, watch how the experts do it, and have a go at observing – it’s worth £15.
Bee’s Kitchen will be there to supply sustenance – let’s make it worth her while.
Sheep present so dogs must be on leads and cleaned up after.
Start 11am but please don’t fire bikes up until observers are sorted and we are ready to go.
Please don’t leave litter.

Regs and entry form are here


Addingham Moorside

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