Horsforth Kids Practice Day

This seemed to go down quite well, hopefully we can repeat it sometime. Thanks to all parents and club members who turned out to help

A chance for the youngsters on Osets and small bikes to improve their skills at Swaine Woods. Club members will be on hand to help out. 10-13.00. Just £5 entry, ACU registration required.

Kids PracticeIf you have not been to Swaine Woods, please be aware of the rules;-

No riding of bikes or running of engines outside the Woods.

Legal Trials Bikes Only; (No noisy or un-silenced bikes, MX, Enduro or Quads)

No litter to be left in woods on verges or in the vicinity.

Act in a safe and responsible manner at all times, give way to pedestrians.

Do not obstruct the footpath with vehicles or machines.

DO NOT TURN ACROSS  the Ring Road – enter and exit ONLY using the DOWNHILL carriageway.
Safest way is to pull into the layby about 200 yards past the Horsforth roundabout and drive down the verge (NB look out for bog holes hidden in the grass). Park at an angle so you can pull off the verge and exit downhill


Swaine Woods

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