Horsforth Presidents Trial


Presidents Results

This is an ‘Open’ event, i.e. riders of all classes from any ACU (or SACU) Club can enter.
Regs and Entry form are Here but no pre-entry is required and there is no extra charge for entries on the day, as always the start is 11am.
The main course is TRS22A Stop Allowed with 3 routes, Easy, Middle and Hard but the route severity will be a bit higher than than normal Club Series trials, so not as suitable for beginners, and some  regular Club Series riders may choose to drop down a course.
Routes flags are the usual, Blue/Red for Hard, Blue/Red but with easier Yellow/White diversion flags for the Middle route and Green/Green for the easy route which will accommodate P65, twinshock etc.
There will also be a separate 3 route TrialsUK kids conducted course.
Chuck Wagon on site.
Please bring an observer, we need 12 – it’s worth £15.


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