Horsforth West Yorks G Milnes Trophy Trial


HO WYC 22.05.16 Prov.

Eligible for West Yorkshire Championship points so this is our 2nd trial of the year which runs the TRS22B No-Stop rules. There are 3 course options, Main (hard route), Clubman B (easiest route) and Clubman A which is a combination of the 2 as indicated by a notice at the start of each section.
Flags are Blue/Red for the Hard, Blue/Red with easier Yellow/White diversions for Easy.
To ensure the route severity is in keeping with other WYC trials the Clubman routes will be harder than our normal Club Series trials. This is a good opportunity for our less experienced riders who might find the going a bit hard to help out observing.
There will be a separate 3 route TrialsUK kids conducted course and a chuck wagon.
Regs/Entry forms are here (although no pre-entry is required) and as always start time is 11am.
Please bring an observer, we need 14, – it’s worth £15.

Addingham Moorside

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