Saturday Evening Trial



NB: Brought forward 1 week; was 29/8 now 22/8/15
2nd of 2 steady Saturday evening trials at Swaine Woods this summer (not part of the Club championship rounds).
Open to all ACU members.
Start time 5pm, Entry fee £15 or £10 juniors.
3 routes; number of sections and laps to be decided on the day.
As usual it’s TRS22A Stop Allowed.
Easy route will be suitable for Pre 65’s, newcomers and the better Oset riders for instance.
Middle route suitable for most Novice Clubmen.
Hard route suitable for better Novice Clubmen. Experts and Inters welcome – expect a clean ride bar the odd slack dab etc.
Please respect the rules regarding Swaine Woods;
Turn in and pull out on the downhill carriageway only,
Don’t obstruct the footpath,
Don’t start bikes outside the woods,
Don’t ride outside the woods,
Don’t leave litter – in fact if you see any litter, please do your bit for the club and pick it up, take it home and put it in your dustbin.
22/8/15 Entry Form

Swaine Woods

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