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For a printer friendly Event list click on the ‘Events’ tab

Club Membership FormClick Here
(You won’t need this form if you renew your Horsforth Club Membership at the same time as renewing your ACU registration on their online system at the start of each year)

General Club Trial Entry form (last updated 2019) here

Being a general form this doesn’t contain the details of any particular trial.
You can download it and personalise it with your info and save it then either;-
add the specific trial info on the top line on your pc then print it off,
or if you have already printed some off with your info on, write the trial details in pen.
Both the above save you scribbling the forms out at the trial and it also
helps when doing the results as they are more legible.

Specific Trial Entry Form
If you click on a specific Club Trial event you will find an entry form to print off and complete in advance.
Similarly Yorkshire Centre or our other Open trials will have both the Regs (Regulations) and specific Entry Forms on there

ACU Parental Agreement Form (single Event) click here

ACU Parental Agreement Form (Annual) Click here

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