Club Membership

The ACU have improved and extended their online facilities – you can not only renew your ACU registration online but you can also join (or rejoin) the Horsforth Club Click Here; the ACU will pass your details and fee onto us. If you use this facility you don’t need to get the ‘Affiliation Code’ from us first or fill in a form as described below.

To join the club WITHOUT involving the ACU, download the Horsforth Club Membership Form – it’s in the ‘Forms’ tab within ‘Info’ on the menu above;

YOU NEED TO BE A MEMBER and renew every calendar year to ride in our trials or practise in Swaine Woods.

Fill the Club membership form in and send it to the Club Secretary (address on the form) with £10 or £5 for juniors of 16 or less.
Club Membership runs for the calendar year (applications on or after the November Charity Trial include the rest of that year plus the following year).

If you wish to ride in our trials you will need ACU registration so ensure you obtain an ACU Affiliation Code from our Membership Secretary when becoming a member (see ACU Membership tab).

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